ClearMind enhances safety around us, in traffic, in businesses, and among young people.

Are we aware of how certain daily pleasures or habits affect our perception?


ClearMind simulator is a modern AR (Augmented Reality) simulation system aimed at preventing impaired or distracted activities based on various causes.

The simulator provides a realistic experience of impaired vision, enabling users to comprehend the impact of.Alcohol, Drugs, Fatigue and Phone distraction on their functional capabilities. Such impairment or distraction increases the likelihood of accidents by up to 200 times.

ClearMind - Testing in real-life

Product Utilization

Traffic Safety

Prevent impaired driving and promote road safety by supporting driving schools, transport, and logistics firms.


Ensure productivity and reduce accidents by educating workers on the effects of distractors on visual perception.

Health and Youth

Promote awareness and prevent substance abuse among youth through the influence of responsible behavior.


Educational institutions


Professional organizations

Production - Transport - Logistics - Beverage - Telecommunications

Driving schools - Secondary schools - Universities - Education providers

Traffic Safety - Health - Youth - NGOs - Chamber of Commerce and industry

ClearMind - Testing at the training ground


Ministry of Traffic and Communication Traffic Safety Agency of Republic of Srpska

Center for Traffic Safety Improvement Novi Sad, Serbia

University of East Sarajevo Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering

Pan-European University APEIRON Faculty of Traffic

At ClearMind, we are dedicated to creating innovative solutions that promote safety, productivity, and well-being in various contexts and environments.

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